Monday, June 30, 2008

The Gospel According To FSC

So those crazy hippie guys over at Fortius One have the first ever interview with yours truly. Much love to Sean. They interviewed some other guy too, what's that all about?

Everything in moderation

"My addition to a Cablecar terminal in Nha Trang has just been denied. How can I explain to moderator that YOU don't have any category matched with CABLE CAR TERMINAL. Why don't you give me a chance to explain and help me correcting it?"

"I don't know what standards are your categories, but look, it don't have PAGODA (don't say that I must use Church if I want to show it a Pagoda), you don't have Publishing House, Factory. The School is not divided into 3 or more subcategories, just LKG and UKG, something that I can't understand. I know that you guys in US have Elementary, Lower High School and Higher High School, that is the same in Vietnam, why don't you use it?"

"i am having similar problems editing Karachi,Pakistan, moderator simply deny changes and don't give a chance to explain or clarify or listen to my point of view.. i know my area well more then the moderator moderating so atleast listen or have some option to contact or message the user who deny changes so that we could understand what exactly we did wrong and why it was denied !"

"I just began editing 2 days ago for my hometown, but I'm feeling that moderators are like God in the heaven, can't touch, must obey."

Have fun. If they let you.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My philosophy (no. 5)

All your map are belong to us

In AD 2008, war was beginning.

Frederik: What happen?
TomH: Somebody set us up the Googlebomb.
80n: We get signal.
Frederik: Excellent, the NaviGPS is working for once then.
80n: Main API turn on.
[downloading 1533 nodes/10,000,000]
Frederik: It's you!!
Ed: How are you gentlemen!! (and Morwen)
Ed: All your map are belong to us.
Ed: You are on the way to destruction.
Frederik: What you say!!
Ed: You have no chance to survive make your map. With new Google MapMaker™.
Ed: Ha ha ha ha...
80n: Captain!!
Frederik: Take off every TAG!!
Frederik: You know what you doing (with the exception of Sfan00).
Frederik: Move nodes.
Frederik: For great justice.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

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