Tuesday, June 24, 2008

All your map are belong to us

In AD 2008, war was beginning.

Frederik: What happen?
TomH: Somebody set us up the Googlebomb.
80n: We get signal.
Frederik: Excellent, the NaviGPS is working for once then.
80n: Main API turn on.
[downloading 1533 nodes/10,000,000]
Frederik: It's you!!
Ed: How are you gentlemen!! (and Morwen)
Ed: All your map are belong to us.
Ed: You are on the way to destruction.
Frederik: What you say!!
Ed: You have no chance to survive make your map. With new Google MapMaker™.
Ed: Ha ha ha ha...
80n: Captain!!
Frederik: Take off every TAG!!
Frederik: You know what you doing (with the exception of Sfan00).
Frederik: Move nodes.
Frederik: For great justice.

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