Saturday, December 11, 2010

Help me decide the place for the next meeting

I already blogged about how awful a weekend this is. However, OpenStreetMap has always been a crowdsourced effort so YOU, my fellow minions contributors, and only YOU, are the ones who should have a say in how the OSM foundation meets. In the end, we're here to spend the sponsor's money serve the community.

In an effort to crowdsource our meetings (and avoid awful places like this hellhole) I've decided that YOU should set the place for our next meeting. And don't say we don't give you a voice on how to run things because I'm a benevolent dictator after all. I have pre-selected a few places from which you can choose:

If you can't see a way to vote, don't worry. I will shortly select a Collaborative Social Voting Web 3.5 application for your iPads. I mean, I know a thing or two about this, so the one I choose will be blessed with my wisdom and become the next big thing in voting. Maybe also the next big thing in feeding starving children. I mean, I have to do something about so many italians not eating proper caviar.

Friday, December 10, 2010

This flooding is awful

I hope Mikel is bringing some of his Rescue Rangers with him. And a Garmin-to-gondola adapter. How does anybody map under these conditions?

Couldn't Simone have picked a board meeting location that wasn't suffering a flood emergency? I swear to God I thought he said "Pizza" and was talking about the catering. Oh, for the good old days when nobody on my Ministry of Truth had an accent.