Monday, September 27, 2010

OSM not always better

So I’m getting some stick over the fact my modestly titled wedding invitation directed people to the venue with Google Maps... not OSM.

Let me spell it out for you.

Already I have to cope with you freaky stalker guys circulating photos of my stag night.

Now let’s say I use an OSM link for my wedding invite. First up, someone would claim that share-alike means you’re all invited to the wedding. Then they’d have a vote on the wiki and decide to rebrand the happy day as a nuptial mapping party (2pm: wedding service. 2.30pm: mapping party. 9pm: drinks with mandatory tagging discussion.) All the guests would be two hours late because some joker would have edited the connecting roads to lead to Denver’s red light district. Finally, someone would sneak in to the reception just to check whether the best man’s speech gives compliant attribution to OSM, and would heckle if it didn’t. Loudly. In German.

You think I’m kidding? Seriously, trouble-makers like you guys are why I need a branding iron in the shape of my initials.