Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Google: start to worry

So we were trying to work out what remaining things Google does better than us.

In favour of OSM:

  • More parties
  • More Germans
  • Less evil
  • Ability to deeply annoy WFS-Tards simply by some decision made in a pub three years ago

In favour of Google:

  • More beanbags
  • Own several Caribbean islands
  • Better aerial imagery

Frankly I can live without the beanbags, and our coastline guys are busy sending the Caribbean islands underwater. That just leaves the aerial imagery.

So look at this. Clicky on the ticky and select OpenAerialMap.


Obviously I can't say much more about our future plans for this, not least because I like to keep the bearded guys in Hartley Wintney guessing. But at this very moment one of our unmanned flyer drones is heading towards a palatial mansion in Teddington to do some close-up surveillance of a Good Ol' Geospatial Strategist.

(thanks to #osm for tipoff)

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