Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Early frontrunner for Tard Of The Year

Hey. So we're instituting these OSM awards, we call them TOTYs - that's Tard Of The Year.

In future months I'm going to be sharing some of my nominations but to be honest I think our first candidate is going to be very hard to beat. Ladies and gentlemen a big hand gesture, plz, for Dimitri Rotorvator, CEO of Manifold.

According to Dimitri OSM is "yet another example of where open source technology is lagging commercial vendors":

My own view is that if OpenStreetMaps had any sense of practicality applied to the legalisms of the matter you would have not failed to pursue all of the bona fide, indisputably public domain sources of vector data. For example, there is the superb VMAP Level 1 data set at 1:250,000 scale that covers much more of the world (about a third) than the current set of Yahoo! imagery, and you don’t even need to digitize it yourself.

1:250k. Nice. I'll play with that when my super lo fidelity crayons arrive from Amazon and Potlatch allows me to edit at zoom level 6.

There's so many holes I could pick but I think I'll just crowdsource the flaming out to the community. But I can't resist this one final quote:

let me offer some specific suggestions to advance open source in GIS

Hey, Dimitri. Let me offer some specific suggestions to advance Manifold. Why don't you shove your topology up your arse and anal-yse it?


gis said...
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Dimitri said...


I am deeply grateful to you for helping elevate the precedence of my writings in search engine rankings.

However, as much as I am grateful that you would strive to give my writing greater impact by stating I am the CEO of Manifold (as you have done in the version of your blog to which I am responding), unfortunately, I do not have that honor. I am not an officer, shareholder, investor or even an employee of Manifold, at least if what you mean is the GIS company Manifold.net at http://www.manifold.net

For all that, if in the future you want to help give greater credibility to my writing by bestowing a fake title upon me, you may as well pick a really super title, such as CEO of Microsoft, the Secretary General of the UN or some other such position more in keeping with the irreverently counterfactual, would-be hip style you apparently seek for your blog.

After all, if you are writing satire it is important for people to know when not to take you seriously. Otherwise, if you write things that are not attempts at humor and are obviously untrue, you lose credibility. We don't want any of that because if people start thinking you are a careless moron your page rankings will suffer and then you will be less able to help boost mine!

So let's work together on this to assure that you can continue being an effective shill for my essays. It's not easy to get guys to put together web pages to draw attention on the web so I need every one of you guys I can get.

Thanks again for helping out with my search engine rankings.