Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Medway mapping party

For those crazy dudes who can't get enough OSM, we've got a mapping party in medway this weekend after the Christmas party.

I've been unilateralist and nominated a venue for the morning, in Rochester. Hope to see lots of people there - I mis-spent much of my youth in Walderslade, so it will be great to go back and see where the school hall burnt down and so on.


Could I clarify that the school hall was nothing to do with me and they were someone else's matches anyway. Ok so I am torching the business model of the entire geodata industry as we speak but that's coincidence.

Could I also clarify that I in no ways stand to benefit if an accident happens to the Ordnance Survey's current headquarters and all their outdated paleotard equipment shortly after they vacate it for a new one. Ed might want to comment about whether he's still a signatory on the insurance policy though.

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