Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Hey. Awesome to be back with you guys, we're all stoked here at ZXV towers about the party on Friday. I've got my OSM party outfit (jeans and T-shirt) and Nick's doing the MC role again. People are coming from far-out places like Sheffield and some place that begins with N so you have to be there.

I know my adoring public are hanging on their RSS feeds for the latest from El Coasto. So I want to keep sharing some of the latest open goodness with you. But on the other hand I don't want to post too often and seem needy like... well, you know, some guys who just read some shit on a geo site and get all snippy because they spotted it first.

So here's some shit I spotted on a geek site instead. Sometimes in OpenStreetMap the cartographers get a bit stressy about the license, they say they can't make their maps with our data and I'm like, well, that's totally not my problem, you guys have to adapt and make your money from something else, and hey, maybe you could shave some of those beards off while you're there.

So this post on Slashdot sums up exactly what I feel. It's actually in a thread about PNDs directing truckers through some little village near some place that begins with N or something. But I think our cartographer friends can learn from it.

Barrow Gurney, instead of trying to do away with this new source of traffic, adapt! Enjoy the opportunity of having all these truck drivers going through your locality to develop your economy and move on to the next level!

Everyone knows a truck driver craves fornication with women. Have whores! Put some money into turning an old farm in dereliction into a brothel and import truckloads of east European prostitutes! Then build your economy around this, build hotels, fast-food restaurants, gynaecology clinics, and soon enough you'll be the city every European truck driver wants to stop in!


By the way. Did you guys notice Dr Tim Strangelove from People's Map on the comments? Now, Tim and I have our differences and I've got some stuff to share with you about People's Map soon. But at least he posted and you don't get that from the ESRI guys. Peace out. Have fun.

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