Thursday, June 16, 2011


I have been told that a certain company is renaming its products as FailWhatever. Or ArcWhatever. Or something.

This made me realise that the open source community could use some boost in product placement. Being the marketing genius I am (Who do you think invented the whatever for maps?), I propose the following changes:

Quantum GISOSGeo for Desktop
Quantum GIS source codeOSGeo for Desktop Advanced
PostGISOSGeo for Server
gvSIG MobileOSGeo for Windows Mobile
gvSIG Mobile source codeOSGeo SDK for Windows Mobile
WFS + WMSData and Maps for OSGeo
OpenStreetMapStreetMap Premium for OSGeo
GeoserverData Appliance for OSGeo
OpenLayersOSGeo for the Interwebs

See? Now it's much more simple to identify each piece of software.