Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The CloudMade difference

Sometimes people ask me "Steve, what does CloudMade bring to the OpenStreetMap party that OSM can't do for itself?". And my answer is, hot babes.

The dude on the left is old-school OpenStreetMap. The hot babe is CloudMade. Being committed OSMers, they are of course both awsome and both have seriously awsome names, but only one of them looks like Richard Stallman.

(If you do know how to crowdsource hot babes, perhaps you could tell our product development team. We think it could be the killer app for the Slashdot crowd.)


15090056 said...

Hah, what a fantastic photo. She is truly hot! Thanks for sharing.

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Maxim said...

While we all already know about this, when you think about it, isn't it interesting how, no matter how great what you're selling, and even with all the features and logical selling points that should convince us - that still, hot babes, a pure emotional thing, is still very important to get people involved and "buying" it.

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