Sunday, June 9, 2013


So, thanks.

After 5.5 years, time's up for this blog. The world has changed, OpenStreetMap has changed. In 2007 OSM was a tiny project. One figure bestrode this project like a colossus. A Fake blog (there was some other Fake Steve guy back then, you remember) was the right way to poke a little fun and puncture a few egos.

But times move on and OSM is bigger, more pluralised. It's not just about one guy any more. So, we're retiring the blog.

FSC has been brought to you by a team of inveterate piss-takers (you can, of course, get treatment for inveterate pissing). The password to the blog has been distributed freely. We don't know who each other is, though I figure some of us have a good idea. Sometimes we hit the mark, sometimes we missed. Whatever, thanks to everyone who's come along for the ride and to Real Steve for being a good sport.

@FakeSteveC on Twitter will be renamed and continue with the occasional acerbic commentary on all things OSM and geo. You'll see the new name in a day or two.

Namaste. Have fun.


ikiya said...

Bye :-)

Grant Slater said... is the new FakeSteveC twitter account